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Early Christian Writings

The numbers on the left are for an estimated range of dating.

30-60 Passion Narrative
40-80 Lost Sayings Gospel Q
50-60 1 Thessalonians
50-60 Philippians
50-60 Galatians
50-60 1 Corinthians
50-60 2 Corinthians
50-60 Romans
50-60 Philemon
50-80 Colossians
50-90 Signs Gospel
50-95 Book of Hebrews
50-120 Didache
50-140 Gospel of Thomas
50-140 Oxyrhynchus 1224 Gospel
50-200 Sophia of Jesus Christ
65-80 Gospel of Mark
70-100 Epistle of James
70-120 Egerton Gospel
70-160 Gospel of Peter
70-160 Secret Mark
70-200 Fayyum Fragment
70-200 Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs
73-200 Mara Bar Serapion
80-100 2 Thessalonians
80-100 Ephesians
80-100 Gospel of Matthew
80-110 1 Peter
80-120 Epistle of Barnabas
80-130 Gospel of Luke
80-130 Acts of the Apostles
80-140 1 Clement
80-150 Gospel of the Egyptians
80-150 Gospel of the Hebrews
80-250 Christian Sibyllines
90-95 Apocalypse of John
90-120 Gospel of John
90-120 1 John
90-120 2 John
90-120 3 John
90-120 Epistle of Jude
93 Flavius Josephus
100-150 1 Timothy
100-150 2 Timothy
100-150 Titus
100-150 Apocalypse of Peter
100-150 Secret Book of James
100-150 Preaching of Peter
100-160 Gospel of the Ebionites
100-160 Gospel of the Nazoreans
100-160 Shepherd of Hermas
100-160 2 Peter
100-200 Odes of Solomon
101-220 Book of Elchasai
105-115 Ignatius of Antioch
110-140 Polycarp to the Philippians
110-140 Papias
110-160 Oxyrhynchus 840 Gospel
110-160 Traditions of Matthias
111-112 Pliny the Younger
115 Suetonius
115 Tacitus
120-130 Quadratus of Athens
120-130 Apology of Aristides
120-140 Basilides
120-140 Naassene Fragment
120-160 Valentinus
120-180 Apocryphon of John
120-180 Gospel of Mary
120-180 Dialogue of the Savior
120-180 Gospel of the Savior
120-180 2nd Apocalypse of James
120-180 Trimorphic Protennoia
130-140 Marcion
130-150 Aristo of Pella
130-160 Epiphanes On Righteousness
130-160 Ophite Diagrams
130-160 2 Clement
130-170 Gospel of Judas
130-200 Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus
140-150 Epistula Apostolorum  
140-160 Ptolemy
140-160 Isidore
140-170 Fronto
140-170 Infancy Gospel of James
140-170 Infancy Gospel of Thomas
140-180 Gospel of Truth
150-160 Martyrdom of Polycarp
150-160 Justin Martyr
150-180 Excerpts of Theodotus
150-180 Heracleon
150-200 Ascension of Isaiah
150-200 Acts of Peter
150-200 Acts of John
150-200 Acts of Paul
150-200 Acts of Andrew
150-225 Acts of Peter and the Twelve
150-225 Book of Thomas the Contender
150-250 Fifth and Sixth Books of Esra
150-300 Authoritative Teaching
150-300 Coptic Apocalypse of Paul
150-300 Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth
150-300 Melchizedek
150-400 Acts of Pilate
150-400 Anti-Marcionite Prologues
160-170 Tatian's Address to the Greeks
160-180 Claudius Apollinaris
160-180 Apelles
160-180 Julius Cassianus
160-250 Octavius of Minucius Felix
161-180 Acts of Carpus
165-175 Melito of Sardis
165-175 Hegesippus
165-175 Dionysius of Corinth
165-175 Lucian of Samosata
167 Marcus Aurelius
170-175 Diatessaron
170-200 Dura-Europos Gospel Harmony
170-200 Muratorian Canon
170-200 Treatise on the Resurrection
170-220 Letter of Peter to Philip
175-180 Athenagoras of Athens
175-185 Irenaeus of Lyons
175-185 Rhodon
175-185 Theophilus of Caesarea
175-190 Galen
178 Celsus
178 Letter from Vienna and Lyons
180 Passion of the Scillitan Martyrs
180-185 Theophilus of Antioch
180-185 Acts of Apollonius
180-220 Bardesanes
180-220 Kerygmata Petrou
180-230 Hippolytus of Rome
180-250 1st Apocalypse of James
180-250 Gospel of Philip
182-202 Clement of Alexandria
185-195 Maximus of Jerusalem
185-195 Polycrates of Ephesus
188-217 Talmud
189-199 Victor I
190-210 Pantaenus
193 Anonymous Anti-Montanist
193-216 Inscription of Abercius
197-220 Tertullian
200-210 Serapion of Antioch
200-210 Apollonius
200-220 Caius
200-220 Philostratus
200-225 Acts of Thomas
200-250 Didascalia
200-250 Books of Jeu
200-300 Pistis Sophia
200-300 Coptic Apocalypse of Peter
203 Acts of Perpetua and Felicitas
203-250 Origen

Early Church Fathers at a project by Roger Pearse

Ante-Nicene Fathers
The Writings of the Fathers Down to A.D. 325

Volume I.   The Apostolic Fathers with Justin Martyr and Irenaeus [v2]

Clement of Rome, Mathetes, Polycarp, Ignatius, Barnabas, Papias, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus.

Volume II.   Fathers of the Second Century [v2]

Hermas, Tatian, Theophilus, Athenagoras, Clement of Alexandria

Volume III.   Latin Christianity: Its Founder, Tertullian [v2]

Three Parts: I. Apologetic; II. Anti-Marcion; III. Ethical

Volume IV.   The Fathers of the Third Century [v2]

Tertullian Part IV; Minucius Felix; Commodian; Origen

Volume V.   The Fathers of the Third Century [v2]

Hippolytus; Cyprian; Caius; Novatian; Appendix

Volume VI.   The Fathers of the Third Century [v2]

Gregory Thaumaturgus; Dinoysius the Great; Julius Africanus; Anatolius and Minor Writers; Methodius; Arnobius

Volume VII.   Fathers of the Third and Fourth Centuries [v2]

Lactantius, Venantius, Asterius, Victorinus, Dionysius, Apostolic Teaching and Constitutions, Homily, Liturgies

Volume VIII.   Fathers of the Third and Fourth Centuries [v2]

The Twelve Patriarchs, Excerpts and Epistles, The Clementia, Apocrypha, Decretals, Memoirs of Edessa and Syriac Documents, Remains of the First Ages

Volume IX.   Recently Discovered Additions to Early Christian Literature; Commentaries of Origen [v2]

The Gospel of Peter, The Diatessaron of Tatian, The Apocalypse of Peter, The Visio Pauli, The Apocalypses of the Virgin and Sedrach, The Testament of Abraham, The Acts of Xanthippe and Polyxena, The Narrative of Zosimus, The Apology of Aristides, The Epistles of Clement (Complete Text), Origen's Commentary on John, Books I-X, Origen's Commentary on Mathew, Books I, II, and X-XIV

Volume X.   Bibliographic Synopsis; General Index


Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers
St. Augustine Volumes

Volume I.   Prolegomena: St. Augustine's Life and Work, Confessions, Letters [v2]

Volume II.   The City of God, Christian Doctrine [v2]

Volume III.   On the Holy Trinity, Doctrinal Treatises, Moral Treatises [v2]

Volume IV.   The Anti-Manichaean Writings, The Anti-Donatist Writings [v2]

Volume V.   Anti-Pelagian Writings [v2]

Volume VI.   Sermon on the Mount, Harmony of the Gospels, Homilies on the Gospels [v2]

Volume VII.   Homilies on the Gospel of John, Homilies on the First Epistle of John, Soliloquies [v2]

Volume VIII.   Expositions on the Psalms [v2]


St. Chrysostom Volumes

Volume IX.   On the Priesthood, Ascetic Treatises, Select Homilies and Letters, Homilies on the Statutes [v2]

Volume X.   Homilies on the Gospel of St. Matthew [v2]

Volume XI.   Homilies on the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistle to the Romans [v2]

Volume XII.   Homilies on First and Second Corinthians [v2]

Volume XIII.   Homilies on the Epistles to the Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus, and Philemon [v2]

Volume XIV.   Homilies on the Gospel of St. John and the Epistle to the Hebrews [v2]


Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers
Series II

Volume I.   Eusebius: Church History from A.D. 1-324, Life of Constantine the Great, Oration in Praise of Constantine [v2]

Volume II.   Socrates: Church History from A.D. 305-438; Sozomenus: Church History from A.D. 323-425 [v2]

Volume III.   Theodoret, Jerome and Gennadius, Rufinus and Jerome [v2]

Volume IV.   Athanasius: Select Writings and Letters [v2]

Volume V.   Gregory of Nyssa: Dogmatic Treatises; Select Writings and Letters [v2]

Volume VI.   Jerome: Letters and Select Works [v2]

Volume VII.   Cyril of Jerusalem, Gregory Nazianzen [v2]

Volume VIII.   Basil: Letters and Select Works [v2]

Volume IX.   Hilary of Poitiers, John of Damascus [v2]

Volume X.   Ambrose: Select Works and Letters [v2]

Volume XI.   Sulpitius Severus, Vincent of Lerins, John Cassian [v2]

Volume XII.   Leo the Great, Gregory the Great [v2]

Volume XIII.   Gregory the Great II, Ephriam Syrus, Aphrahat [v2]

Volume XIV.   The Seven Ecumenical Councils [v2]


Early Church Fathers - Additional Texts

Edited by Roger Pearse

These English translations are all out of copyright, but were not included in the 38 volume collection of Ante-Nicene, Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers.  Please take copies and place online elsewhere.  In some cases I have felt it necessary to add an introduction to the online text.  These are all placed in the public domain also -- copy freely.  The texts are listed in chronological order.  



The Western Text of the Acts of the Apostles, translated from Codex Bezae

Polycarp (Ps.)

Fragments from Victor of Capua

Aristides the Philosopher

The Apology


The Proof of the Apostolic Preaching

Hermias the Philosopher

Derision of Gentile Philosophers


The "Marcionite" prologues to St. Paul's Letters

The "Anti-Marcionite" prologues to the Gospels



Dionysius of Alexandria


Eusebius Pamphili of Caesarea

Contra Hieroclem (Against Hierocles)

Demonstratio Evangelica (The Proof of the Gospel)

Encomium on the Martyrs

The History of the Martyrs in Palestine


Onomasticon (Concerning the Place Names in Sacred Scripture)

Praeparatio Evangelica (The Preparation of the Gospel)


On the Star [Spurious]


Epitome of the Ecclesiastical History of Philostorgius, by Photius; with fragments from the Suda.

St. Ephraim the Syrian (Ephraem Syrus)

St. Ephraim's Prose Refutations of Mani, Marcion and Bardaisan. 
Transcribed from the Palimpsest B.M. Add. 14623 by the late C. W. MITCHELL, M.A., C.F.

Aphrahat (Aphraates)


Chronography of 354

Eunomius of Cyzicus

The First Apology

Basil the Great

Address to Young Men on the Right Use of Greek Literature

Gregory of Nyssa

Life of St. Macrina

Gregory Nazianzen


Two Invectives Against Julian

Gregory Thaumaturgus


Ambrose of Milan


Pacian of Barcelona

Extant Works

Macarius Magnes


Asterius of Amasea


Chromatius of Aquileia

Sermons on Matthew

Epiphanius of Salamis

Weights and Measures


On the ruin of the city of Jerusalem

Optatus of Milevis

Against the Donatists

John Chrysostom

Four Discourses, chiefly on the parable of the rich man and Lazarus


Biblical Prefaces


Commentary on Daniel



Enchiridion: On Faith, Hope and Love


The Bazaar of Heracleides

Cyril of Alexandria

Five tomes against Nestorius (Adversus Nestorii blasphemias)

That Christ is One (Quod unus sit Christus)

Scholia on the incarnation of the Only-Begotten (Scholia de incarnatione Unigeniti)

Against Diodore of Tarsus and Theodore of Mopsuestia (fragments)

Against the synousiasts (fragments)

Commentary on the Gospel of Luke

Commentary on the Gospel of John

Against Julian


The Lausiac History

Dialogue on the life of St. John Chrysostom


Admonitions to the monks


On the Government of God

Sidonius Apollinaris



Life of St. Severinus

Dionysius the Areopagite


Joshua the Stylite

Chronicle composed in Syriac in A.D.507

Jacob of Serūgh


Gildas the Wise

The Ruin of Britain

Fragments of Letters



Philoxenus of Hierapolis

13 Ascetic Discourses

Three Letters


Evagrius Scholasticus

Ecclesiastical History

Timothy Aelurus

Some patristic testimonia from Irenaeus, Athanasius, and Dionysius of Alexandria

Severus of Antioch

A collection of letters from numerous Syriac manuscripts

The Chronicle of Edessa

The Chronicle of Edessa

John of Ephesus

Ecclesiastical History, Third Part

'Zachariah of Mitylene / Zacharias Rhetor'

The Syriac Chronicle

Cosmas Indicopleustes

The Christian Topography

The Chronicle of Arbela

The Chronicle of Arbela

Gregory the Great


The Whitby Life of St. Gregory



Ananias of Shirak


On Easter

On Christmas

Antiochus Strategos

The Capture of Jerusalem by the Persians in 614

Isidore of Seville


John of Nikiu


John Philoponus

On the astrolabe

Severus Sebokht

Description of the astrolabe

On the Constellations

Photius of Constantinople

The Bibliotheca or Myriobiblion

Dionysius Syrus (= Dionysius bar Salibi, = Jacob bar Salibi)

Commentary on Revelation

Other Literature


Some Late Nestorian Syriac Writers

Spicilegium Syriacum

The Doctrine of Addai

Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles

Syriac Miscellanies

Texts from Mt. Sinai

Legends of Eastern Saints, chiefly from Syriac sources -- the Legend of Hilaria

Pionius: Life of Polycarp

Severus of Al'Ashmunein (Hermopolis): History of the Patriarchs of the Coptic Church of Alexandria

Miscellaneous Syriac and Coptic texts


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