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Brendan University Online Library is a global link to millions of online books, articles, journals, reference works, magazines, newspapers, and research materials.  The library provides our students and friends with fingertip access to a plethora of global material to expand their horizons and learn about their world.  The library is in  a continuous state of expansion with a mission to provide a quality library using an innovative approach to library science that makes material readily and immediately available to the learner. Learners have access to far more material than could be housed in a building library and no longer have to travel to a building, larger city, or other nation to gain access to material for education, research, teaching, or personal growth.  The online library is the way of the 21st Century.

The Brendan Online Library is simply a hub to other libraries and websites on the global internet.  All individual libraries maintain control over content and access, yet our online library provides a one stop, simplified library access system tailored to the unique needs and interests of our learners and friends. We invite each participant to fully explore each individual library and site and take full advantage of the expanded material available through individual subscriptions, etc.  Please be aware of all copyright laws and laws related to downloading, printing, etc.  Brendan is not responsible for the content on linked sites or any problems resulting thereof.  Use of the Brendan Online Library is strictly without charge.  Enjoy!

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