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Tuition & Costs

What Are the Admission Requirements?

1. The Brendan Application form filled out and sent into Brendan University with the non refundable application fee
2. A copy of a high school diploma, or its equivalent, must be sent to Brendan for entrance into the College at the undergraduate level.
3. A copy of a bachelorís degree or equivalent must be sent to Brendan for entrance into all levels of the graduate programs.
3. An official sealed transcripts from all previous learning institutions, including high school, sent directly to Brendan.
4. Students are to be actively involved in a local church.
5. Admission to Brendan is subject to approval by the Admissions Committee, whose decision is final.

 Brendan University is thoroughly Christian in its philosophy of life and expects that students seeking admission would be in harmony with the ethos of the university. To that end, students must be committed to the absolute Lordship of Christ through an ongoing relationship with Him, and by a desire to reach greater maturity in Him, in full obedience to His will.

How can I Take Classes?


Brendan offers courses through a variety of and combination of modes designed to provide the students with maximum opportunity and accessibility.  Students may take courses with an instructor in a live lecture mode at one of our various learning/classroom sites in the USA or around the world.  Students may attend regional seminar training offered in their local area.  Students may choose to study through online delivery.  Students may choose to use the external studies program and be sent course material via the mail.  Whatever mode of study you choose, you will work under the mentorship and guidance of a faculty mentor who will guide you in your study.  You can contact us online or visit a Regional Provost office to find out  more information on taking classes.


 What is the Admission Process?

Consideration for admission to Brendan University requires all students to submit the following to Brendan University:

Application Packet:
1. Application for Admission, completed in its entirety.

2. At the time of application, copies of transcripts from previous learning institutes can be submitted, however, before graduation, original official transcripts will be required to be sent directly to Brendan.

3. 2" x 2" snapshot.

4. After receipt of the application packet and LDR 101 packet and non-refundable fee, Brendan will ascertain studentís proficiency and determine placement in the highest program, and provide the student with an evaluation letter outlining the studentís course of study for the major he or she has chosen. The student will also receive 3 hours credit for the completion of the LDR 101 packet if accepted to Brendan.

      1. Cover letter stating the studentís educational & spiritual goals.
     2. Comprehensive secular and religious resume that includes education, employment, secular and religious seminars attended, church work experience, special training, etc.

3. Completion of LE (Life Experience) Form

4. Completion of MIP (Ministerial Internship)       

5. Copies of degrees, awards, certificates, etc.

 $100.00 non-refundable Application and LDR 101 Fee to be sent in with application packet.


Brendan University welcomes anyone who wishes to enroll as a part-time student.


Students who wish to enroll on a non-credit basis are classified as audit students. Courses will appear on the studentís transcript, but will not be awarded academic credit. Audit students who enroll in a course and later decide to convert the course for credit shall file an approved academic petition no less than four weeks prior to the end of the semester. Upon approval, the student shall pay the additional tuition and must submit all course assignments for a course grade to be applied to his/her transcript

Can I get credit for Prior Learning?


Universities do not award credit for experience, but rather for college-level learning that has resulted from life experience. The learning must be documented and/or demonstrated in order to be considered for credit. Many students have several years of work experience, making it quite possible that this work experience has resulted in college-level learning. By evaluating the life experience of the applicant, Brendan University gives students an opportunity to document and potentially receive academic credit for credit-worthy skills and/or knowledge gained outside the classroom environment. Ministry-related activity (either as a lay person or a member of the clergy), military service and training, professional development seminars, volunteer service, independent or self-directed study, and work-related training are examples of experiences that may be considered for evaluation. Undergraduate students may be eligible for advanced standing based upon life experience credit upon completion of an examination. Life experience credit is available at the undergraduate level only.  All information submitted for life experience credit must be verifiable. Potential credit for experiential learning is limited to a maximum of 15 credit hours

 What are the Tuition & Costs?

Undergraduate, per semester hour, $45.00
Graduate, per semester hour $75.00
Post-Graduate, per semester hour $85.00
Auditing, per semester hour $20.00 

Scholarships are available to those who qualify as well as to international students.

APPLICATION/EVALUATION FEE: $ 100.00 (includes LDR 101)
Re-evaluation: adjustments to programs / majors more than 30 days after initial evaluation $20.00
Please note that application fees are non-refundable

Degree Replacement: $ 30.00
Return Check Fee: $ 25.00
Dishonored Credit Card Fee: $ 25.00

Masterís Thesis $ 75.00
Doctoral Dissertation $ 120.00

Undergraduate Level $ 75.00
Graduate Level $ 75.00
The graduation fee includes administrative fees
and one (1) unofficial student transcript.
Rental of cap, gown, or hood is not included in graduation fees.

Examination Fee $ 50.00
Semester Credit Hour Fee, per credit hour awarded $ 20.00

Official (issued to employer, colleges, institutions) $ 8.00
Unofficial (issued to student) $ 5.00

Refund of tuition after Add/Drop period shall be prorated as follows: Attendance up to 40% of the duration of the course will result in a pro rata refund computed on the number of classroom hours attended by total classroom hours required. Refunds will not be issued beyond attendance of 40% of the duration of the course requirements. Refunds will be issued within 30 days of the student withdrawal or cancellation notice. A student can be withdrawn administratively for non-payment of fees.


Application fees are non-refundable. Written cancellation or withdrawal must be submitted for a refund according to the following: Refund of tuition in full within (3) business days or prior to the beginning of the first day of class or after signing the financial contract and making a down payment.
Refund of tuition in full for the Add/Drop period which shall be no less than 10% of the duration of the course or two weeks, whichever is less educational materials are non-refundable beyond the Add/Drop period.

Please Note No Credit is earned for audited courses. Tuition fees do not cover the cost of textbooks

Scholarships are available for those individuals who qualify. For scholarship qualifications, contact Brendan

 What about Transfer Credit?


Brendan University welcomes transfer students with the desire to develop their educational goals and who wish to transfer from another college. Sealed official transcripts must be submitted directly to Brendan University from all institutions of learning the student attended after graduation from high school. Such transcripts must indicate courses entered, show whether the course is in progress or completed, the grade assigned, and semester/quarter credit hours earned. Results of aptitude and other special tests taken and evidence of standing should also be indicated on the transcript. For undergraduate students, minimum GPA is 2.0; for graduate students it is 3.0.



 The acceptance of credit transfer credit is always at the discretion of the receiving institution. Brendan University reserves the right to accept or reject specific credit earned at other institutions. Acceptance of credit earned at Brendan University and transferred to another institution is at the discretion of the receiving institution.


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