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From Chancellor Ray Popham

Brendan University


Dear Potential Student,

Education is the Mother of Success.  Anointing is the Father of Success.  Together the two make a great leader and a productive member of any strong and spiritual society.  It is our heart at Brendan to merge the two of these together and emphasize the power of both in the world class leader.  We recognize that one without the other always leaves a crippled leader unable to reach or demonstrate their full potential. 

My strategic vision for this university is to develop a staff, faculty, and student body that understand the combined value of both educational knowledge and divine anointing and at the same time look onto the horizon of time and develop a educational paradigm for the changing times.  I invite you as a student to become part of that process.

Though most of your questions can be answered through this website, we are always available to answer any further questions you may have or guide you in drafting your future educational and leadership development plan.  I look forward to seeing you at graduation!


Chancellor Ray Popham

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