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Our History
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The mission of Brendan University is to empower effective life and leadership by providing faith based, integrated education that cultivates critical thought, creative knowledge, contributes to life-long learning, crafts bridges between professional pursuits and personal life, and constructs a Biblical world view in an environment of academic excellence, personal responsibility, practical application and ethnic diversity, preparing students for a successful future in the global community.

 Our Vision

Brendan University will be a global, world class university dedicated to the glory of God and the good of mankind, graduating leaders who will impact every nation of the world

Our Values & Goals

As a faith based educational and relational community, we value Biblical principle, honest communication, innovative creativity, ethical behavior, moral responsibility, Divine potential, ethnic diversity, and corporate excellence.

Goals and objectives are essential to the university fulfilling its mission and vision.  To advance the university toward its vision and fulfilling its mission, we have set long term objectives and short term goals in the areas of learning, scholarship, community, enrollment, leadership, ethnic diversity, globalization, technology, sustainability, and life integration.

Our History

Brendan University is an institution of higher education dedicated to the development of the whole man.  The university is the outgrowth of the Ministry Training Institute which began in January of 1993, by Brendan Chancellor Ray Popham, for the purpose of forming leaders with a spiritual perspective and a Biblical worldview.  In 1995, the institute began serving leaders internationally, becoming the World Ministry Training Institute. In 2005, a small group of educators and leaders began discussing the need for a more full university program.  Responding to the global demands for quality, innovative, and affordable undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate, 21st century learning, the institute officially became Brendan University in 2006, under the spearhead efforts and direction of its new president, Dr. Lamont Freeman.

With a commitment to the integration of academic excellence, global perspective, spiritual authority, and practical theology, Brendan University is training a new generation of leadership for the crossroads of culture. Brendan is poised as a world class institution, leading the way in the education and development of global leaders ready for all aspects of society in the 21st Century

Our Namesake

Brendan of Ardfert, known also as Brendan the Voyager, was a Celtic apostle born in Ireland in 484.  Ordained in 512, he would become a key catalyst in the formation of life in Ireland and the formation of leaders in the two monastic cells that he founded during the period of Ireland’s spiritual awakening.  Known for his spiritual authenticity and apostolic fervor, Brendan led a life of apostolic mission, known as "Navigatio Brendani" (the Voyage or Wandering of Brendan), committed to the transformation of both individual lives and societal living.  His most famous endeavor is the apostolic voyage for the “Land of Delight” in which Brendan lead a group of young protégés on a seven year voyage of faith and missionary work, toward an unknown land.  He set sail by faith, without provision or destination, totally dependant upon God for his life and the life of those accompanying him.  Upon return from the voyage and discovery of the new land and its people, later said to be the Canary Islands or perhaps Florida, USA, the story of the voyage of faith was carried about, and multitudes flocked to Brendan for spiritual guidance and mentorship.  Subsequently, many houses of Celtic spiritual life and worship were founded by Brendan at Gallerus, Kilmalchedor, Brandon Hill, and the Blasquet Islands, in order to meet the needs of those who came for spiritual guidance. Brendan continued from time to time on his apostolic voyages, leaving traces of his apostolic zeal throughout Ireland, Britain, and Wales through his preaching, church planting, and development of young leaders.  Brendan died in 577 at Enachduin, now Annaghdown, and is buried in Clonfert.  His work continues to have a significant influence of Celtic models of spiritual life even to this day.

Our Logo

The Brendan logo is a representation of our vision to educate a new generation of leadership for the crossroads of culture.  The intersections represent the ever increasing intersections of life including the spiritual, economic, educational, cultural, emotional, physical, and social dimensions that are interrelated in living our lives and pursuing our callings.  The three intersections also represent the  Trinity of Christianity, signifying the constant involvement of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the life of the individual and society, as well as our philosophy that the spiritual is integrated into all dimensions of daily living. 


Authorization & Affiliations


Brendan University operates as an institution of learning and theological training school under South Carolina Code of Laws, chapter 59, title 59, section 59-58-30 (4), awarding the following degree programs

Associate of Applied Theology (AAT)

Associate of Biblical Studies (ABS)

Bachelor of Applied Theology (BAT)

Master of Applied Theology (MAT)

Master of Practical Theology (MPT)

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


1. Brendan University is a member of the CTAN (Called to All Nations) Global Network

2. Brendan University/CTAN is a member of the National Association of Evangelicals.



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