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Brendan University is an independent institution of higher learning whose mission is to empower effective life and leadership by providing faith based, integrated education that cultivates critical thought, creative knowledge, contributes to life-long learning, crafts bridges between professional pursuits and personal life, and constructs a Biblical world view in an environment of academic excellence, personal responsibility, practical application and ethnic diversity, preparing students for a successful future in the global community.

We offer Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees majoring in Theology, Bible, Leadership, Entrepreneurialism, Christian Counseling, and Christian Education. Brendan is your key to 21st Century Christian Worldview Education.

Just as the great universities of old were comprised of various colleges in various locals that offered unique programs yet functioned as an educational family,  Brendan University is a consortium of locations and modes of education for the 21st Century.  Students at Brendan may study through onsite classes held in one of our classrooms or affiliates sites around the world including USA, Jamaica, India, or Africa, Or students may study at Brendan under the oversight of a faculty mentor through our online courses or external studies program while remaining in their place of influence.  At Brendan, quality education is accessible, affordable, and attainable.

Our goal is to help you achieve your educational goals and life empowerment pursuit in the way that most serves you.

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